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Parent Organizations

Willow Glen Foundation

The Willow Glen Middle School and High School Foundation was formed in July, 2000, to ensure high quality academic and elective programs in the face of technological, social, and economic challenges. The private, non-profit foundation was founded through the cooperative efforts of local parents, faculty, alumni, and public officials and focuses solely on the advancement of academic and cultural programs.

We are parents, community members and educators who care passionately about public school education. We raise money through membership and community events and spend it on academic and cultural initiatives.
In addition, the Foundation is the face for our neighborhood schools, championing their strengths and benefits.
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Willow Glen Athletic Boosters

The Willow Glen Athletic Boosters purpose is to aid in the financial and moral support of the athletic teams and programs of Willow Glen Middle and High Schools and their related facilities. We also coordinate and assist with individual team fundraising opportunities for uniforms and equipment.
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Performing Arts Boosters

Our Mission
We are a group of parents, teachers, alumni and community members who believe that the performing arts are an essential part of public education. We advocate, provide volunteer support, and raise funds to ensure that thriving performing arts programs continue at Willow Glen Middle School and Willow Glen High.
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