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Graduation Requirements

San José Unified graduation requirements align to the A-G requirements of the California State University (CSU) schools and the University of California (UC) schools. Students are required to earn a minimum of 220 credits for graduation. An alternative graduation path may be available through a school counselor for students unable to meet the standard graduation path requirements.

Students are also required to complete 10 hours of community service for each year of enrollment in a San José Unified high school (maximum of 40 hours). 

Refer to the Parent/Student Handbook for detailed graduation and college entrance requirements. 

Community Service

To fulfill graduation requirements, San José Unified high school students must complete 40 hours of community service at approved nonprofit organizations. Students are encouraged to earn 10 hours of community service for each year of enrollment at a San José Unified high school, however schools may implement their own requirements for how students accumulate these hours.

A full list of guidelines is available on the Community Service document. For questions, contact your school administrators.

Timesheet for community service hours

Community service organizations

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